Box of Wishes

I try to find things, and then quickly forget about them again … this can be highly annoying when you suddenly remember some things, but never find them again, so I will start keeping a list here.

And if anybody needs an inspiration how to spoil me … look no further, you have found it 😉

Before you buy something … this is just a list representing my uncontrollable urges to buy something. I haven’t tried them on, so if you want to make sure the clothing fits me, get in touch and make me wear a demo of it 😉

Outerwear Bottoms Intimates
Blueberry Pizza Jeans
 Blueberry Minnie
 Addams Cristina Blueberry Rachel
Just Because Katie
 Addams Terry
 R3 Aina
 Gulabi Helica
Swimwear Tops Dresses
 Just Because Nessa  Just Because Breanna
 Just Because Aubrey
 Giz Ethan
 Addams Robyn KR Viviana
 Gulabi Rossa
 Asteria Rayne
PPD Strip me
 KR Felina
KR Terry
KR Sana
 KR Kendal
Outfits Footwear Accessories
 ROC Sabrina
 KR Kamila
 KR Laora


Furniture Deco Avatar Parts
 Prim Possible Aquarium  n0.match No Future
 n0.match No Candy
 TA Ultimate Tongue