Staying ahead of the Landbots


Location: At my new Secret Dwelling

Soundtrack of the Moment: Yello – The Race

Resisting a present is always, especially if it comes in such a delicious wrapping. Ambre and I have been wondering what to do with the new allowance since letting it go to waste, wouldn’t have been what we had in mind really. Just like me, she has a small Hiding Spot in one of the Linden Ghettos in case she needs some moments of privacy, but rarely used it.

Thinking back and forth we came to the conclusion, that donating the land to a common group we have and buy some shared property there would be great. Having 2048sqm to spread out and 700 prims to waste at no extra costs is just awesome. Originally we planned to wait until our muse is on her big vacation and surprise her once she is back, but things came differently (as they always do), but let’s start from the beginning.

Our original plan to go on some bargain hunting and make a “Schnapper”, while monitoring the land sales for some cheap mainland spots to move onto. So we did the usual thing by dismantling our Linden Home, drop the plot and load the land into our shared group. I got myself some dosh for the initial purchase and we did what every good predator does … we waited. Doing that I saw plot sail down as low as 0.8L$ per sqm, but those disappeared rather fast of course. The more stable offers usually start around 1.5L$ to 1.9L$ these days which I soon learned. When I finally found time to go on the direct hunting I quickly noticed the opening forming up. Going on Land hunt on a friday night (SL Friday Afternoon) proved to be more promising then in the SL Night which is my usual time where I roam the grid. The problem that I quickly encountered was “What happens if I just leap for the land and find out that everything around us is completely littered with stuff?”. Going through the pains of selling the land again and finding a new spot wasn’t fitting into my plan of buying and moving in instantly, so every time I came to an open spot and started inspecting it (by launching myself 4000m into the air and doing a no parachute faceplant) I ended up finding the same two persons there, who bought the land already.

Ok so I battled some (probably automated) competitors who wanted what was meant to be mine. So I changed my plan to not always hitting the cheapest spot, but a few spots up the ladder, as well as smaller parcel sizes which could be joined, but my competition was faster, as it lacked one thing that was important to me … a certain standard. Needless to say I gave up the direct opposition which wouldn’t lead anywhere. Admittedly it helped me as well, as one plot I had my eyes on, was stuffed with a skydome rental service stacking dome above some from 1000m to 4000m every few 100 meters … niiiiiiiice … not at all … urghs.

So what was the solution? I started looking into the upper third of my budget to spend on the land and finally found what I had been looking for. I came across a strip of land which contained 10 parcels for sale. All were adjacent to each other and 512sqm to 1024sqm in size. It was now my time to be the evil person to buy one 1024 and the 512s right in the middle of that bunch which at once drove off other people having the same idea then me. So now I am sitting there with a nice 2048sqm parcel and Ambre, Mia and I build that little retreat of ours new.

What this little episode taught me, is to be patient and not hunt for the bargain. This will usually end up in stress and let’s face it … it forces you to buy the cat in the bag … and nobody wants that. So take your time, look around a little, and preferably see if you can settle down to some landmarks, like roads or seafronts, to keep the neighbors at bay.

Well then … back to redecorating and setting up stuff. I will share some snaps of that once we are done 😉


One thought on “Staying ahead of the Landbots

  1. Silky I loved the description. remembers me my very early days, when experienced friends helped me buy my first plot of land. They were tp’ing me all around so quick, trying to beat the buyer agents, talking esoteric concepts like prim count lag sky builds… I thought I was in Matrix.
    The new place is getting so beautiful… Yes, snaps soon 😉


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