What did just happen here?


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During my usual Bloground today, I stumbled across a post from Orca, who stated that we would some nice presents along the way.The present I am talking about would be the doubling of the land allowance for premium accounts. In the first iteration that would mean an increase from 512sqm to 1024sqm meaning you primcount soars up from 175 to 350 which is not bad at all … in fact it is horribly tempting.

Just like Orca and the commenters on her blog I have to admit that I am split about how to react to that present. Normally I would be over the moon happy, be polite and say thank you, and be all lost in wild plans how to put that unexpected gift to use. But like most of us I have been felt screwed over by LL more then once, so that instead like Pavlovs dog ringing the bell of happiness and food, I am more the mouse that has been electrocuted once to often because she pressed the wrong button to often hiding in the corner.

LL has a bad reputation with its customers, and this step, as great as it would be under normal circumstances is just a small compensation for the crap they threw at us. Maybe just maybe someone came to realize that the undeserved loyalty they enjoy from our side, has also its finite borders, and so they did the only thing sensible. Sansar is probably most of the time a ghost town still, and the expected mass exodus never happened (go figure). So I guess some sanity returned to LL country and that would be something I am really looking for, especially, since there are enough matters for LL to address. I will not go into the details of needing to further improve stability and reliability today, we had that sermon more then enough I would say, but rather would put into focus that I wouldn’t want to feel that alone any more like I do when I go on a random trip in SL.

As Iggy once put it, the Standard SL experience often has something of a Five Star Flight to Somalia … a in many cases pretty Somalia, but Somalia not the less. The mainland is so empty these days, that you can cross a dozen sims, and not see anyone and when you stumble across people, they are not rarely offline, leaving their avatar hulks in hibernation behind. I am lucky to be part of a small tight knit and caring community, which makes the experience of SL rather enjoyable, but sometimes I am drawn out, wanting to explore and meet people, which often ends in disappointments. Yet still I would like to see the world out there and meet new people. Granted I could TP myself from flickrwhore sim to flickrwhore sim and see if I can talk to 10 people, without being cussed away, because I am disturbing a great model in 8 of the cases. Also the experience of a ‘real’ world is lacking consistency because of the gifts of flight and teleporting. While they are very handy for everyday use, they are probably also part of the problem of the mainland ghost town.

I honestly wish that LL could try at least to bring people closer together. Removing flight and the ability to teleport from everywhere would be a nice start in my eyes. Making people walk, or use transportation would be great for interaction. Create like teleport hubs for quickly getting around like every 5 to 10 sims only. And remove all that abandoned land bringing the active parcels closer together into neighboring vicinity. While I understand that people want privacy (heck even I need that from time to time) just hermitting around and not seeing anyone betrays the sense of that platform. To counter landprices from running amok, LL could also add new sims once the current place fills to a certain degree putting down speculation (like the insanity going on in Bay City). Overall creating a smaller world, which is closer connected and explore able by regular means, would be a huge boost to enjoying a sense of community. This of course will not work properly, if people are not willing to join in into that, and be an asshat to everyone around them, but I am willing to give people a chance really.

The question that remains now is … what should I do with my newly found riches. I am currently sitting in a Linden Home Ghetto which consumes half of the allowance I have now, and even though it is a Linden Home Ghetto it has come along nicely. But the lure of fully usable 350 prims  is strong in me … even more so that buying even more prims for a decent price would be incredibly tempting. The Tier Calculator hasn’t been updates yet, but to double the primcount to 700 for 7USD max is also rather interesting. Well no need to rush anything … let’s make some smart plans first 😉


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