Announcing “The Silk Touch” #2


Yes it is time again. We will taking off for the next Silky Hour on Saturday 17th at 4PM SLT.

So grab you loved ones, and join us, for an evening of fun and laughter, with good friends and music between awesome and weird. This time, we will indulge your ears with music (among others) Incognito, Mondo Grosso, Towa Tei, Kyoto Jazz and Massive and Dunkelbunt.

So join us, and come as you are, since you are beautiful the way you were rezzed. We will provide music, dances and virtual booze, you will bring fun and friends.

Spread the word and see you soon.

Here is your Taxi:

And if you cannot wait for more Silk touched sounds, come any time you like. Maybe you will catch on of the 10 new 2 hour “Silk Touch on …” mixes, which bring you the best of my personal archive and some hidden gems nobody knows of 😉


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