The Fog of Horror! A.ka. Party Report for “The Silk Touch #1”


Location: In the Blue Note cleaning up the mess … and failing

Soundtrack of the moment: The Muppets – Mahna Mahna

Coming back to a task you did regularly after an extended pause is always weird. So it is no wonder, that I looked forward to the first Silk Touch Party with some mixed feelings. Would the people still like the mix? Would they find the location appealing? Would they get along nicely with each other, or just be lost in IM with their respective entourage?

All those questions vanished in the moment I switched the stream from 24/7 auto play to my live stream. People filed in already before the party started and the mood was relaxed and friendly. The Blue Note being a small establishment helped to keep the people close and in touch, and so a lot of laughs were shared, and we had a great time. It seems though that our hinting at voodoo happening around the club fired back on us, as the fog machine (it seems at least) demanding the sacrifice of human lifes, and so we had some drop outs (including myself) now and then … nevertheless it looked great 😉 I guess I will have to do some more investigating what causes those random crashes. Nevertheless we had some great hours of music and fun, and for a friday afternoon/night/saturday morning the response was quite nice, even though we will move to a saturday slot at first opportunity, since it was already asked for.

So if you missed the party and want to have a look feel free to browse my Flickr album here.

For the next party, we have yet to decide on a date, so keep an eye on this blog, or one of your cosmic sisters Flickr Feeds, so you can get the info first hand, once we are releasing the date.



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