From the silky recordcase #3


It has been a while since we last opened the record case and did some searching around in it.

So today, let us have a look at one of my favorite albums St. James Ballroom by Alice Francis.
The album was released in 2012 and is one (in my eyes) most defining albums of the Electro Swing genre.
The sound of the album lives as much of the quirky blend of traditional instrumentation and patterns with modern electronic beats as well as the angelic voice of Alice herself, creating the real image of a jazz bar singer being catapulted into the 21st century.
So basically you would have solid Electro Swing album by a very talented singer, but what makes that one a classic? The answer might sound a little cryptic, but it is the style. While most of the Electro Swing acts I have seen often take themselves rather seriously, by dressing up in the right attire and try to act out that nineteen 20ies/30ies atmosphere completely, Alice gives those a special twist.
She is of course wearing the appropriate flapper dresses, a beautiful updo and then she starts to sing, breaking that Josephine Baker image apart. Songs like “Shoot him Down” or “Kiss my ass” play with that classical lady attitude in a wonderful way, deconstructing it, while keeping the picture of the jazz bar singer up proclaiming in a sweet voice that:

“You say you like my hair
You say you like my shoes
You ask me where I bought them
And my cheap-ass bag, too
You like my smelly feet, talk about a flowery bouquet
And even when I burp say I’m a classy lady
But there is one thing that you should not miss at last
If you want to kiss me you can kiss my ass”

So St. James Ballroom holds some nice surprises in store, and you should give it a go at your favorite music site. If you are hooked by then (or are already) I have just read that there is a new album, that only recently came out under the name of “Electric Shock”.
For those who have been at one or more Silky Hour, you are probably already familiar with her music, as she was on my playlist several times now.

Talking about the Silky Hour. Some of you have already asked if I am still actively DJing, or if the Silky Hour is history.
Well rumors about me giving up on entertaining you all are largely exaggerated and untrue ๐Ÿ˜‰
The reason why we are now 2 months without a party is, that I was ill for the most of November, and December saw some planning difficulties.

But we will continue our little musical madness and I will share more informations on that on January 1st … so stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰


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