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I skipped on the past two Challenges from Berry, as they didn’t appeal to me really. They were mostly picture challenges, and I rather prefer to take picture when my muse kisses me, and not because I am told to. So I have to be my own challenge this week.

I have always been fond of these 4 letter personality tests and since I was bored some time ago did one here: https://www.16personalities.com
The result of these tests of course is depending on how many questions are asking (some come up with tedious 400 and more questions) and how you respond to them. So the results may vary 😉

So if you want to take part … here is the challenge 😉
Take the test at the site above (I am not affiliated with them and I am not getting money), share your results and comment on them if you want to. Does it fit … what do you think differs too much from your personality?

I will focus on the general result as well as the strengths and weaknesses. I have done these tests like 2 to 3 times over the cause of the years, but this one hit me as really accurate.

So here we go … the traits (see the full results here):

Extraverted 25% | 75% Introverted

In general I am an introverted person. I am not jumping at people, usually keeping to myself observing, especially when I am new to a place. I do not make new contacts easily, but once I get to know a person better and feel comfortable around them (or I am forced to do it for professional reasons) then I can be quite outgoing and welcoming. So make me feel comfortable and you will have a wonderful friend.

Intuitive 67% | 33% Observant

Curiosity is one of my defining sides. Exploring new things, opening windows into new world, and enhancing my own world that is something I could do all day long. Though (and I guess that is my 33% here) I need a core of stability where I can return to and recharge.

Thinking 33% | 67% Feeling

Empathy, harmony and cooperation are deeply rooted in my personality. I cannot enjoy my success if the team as a whole fails and any dissonances in interaction makes me flinch.

Judging 32% | 68% Prospecting

Oh dear. In a way this is very true. I hate it when people put form above content and have no interest in being flexible, because that one rule is everything they enforce and do not look left or right seeing to improve their patterns, or maybe employ new ones.

Assertive 31% | 69% Turbulent

Unfortunately yes. Stress and the usual bullshitting around the office, make me react rather eruptive. Usually I can cover that under a layer of “I don’t give a fact” but from time to time this wears thin as well. Improving and getting as close to perfection as I can is a driving force of my thinking as well. It is a curse and a bonus as well, as it helps me to excel at the things I do, but on the other hand, makes me judge myself continuously.

So this makes me an INFP-T or Mediator

The Strengths:
– Idealistic
Yes I actually think that people are good if they had the right mentor at the right time. Life tried to convince me otherwise over and over again (especially this year) but I am not listening most of the time.
The least thing, people get from me is a chance and a second one when they messed up. And even then I am willing to try again, if I wasn’t severely hurt.

– Seek and Value Harmony
Why would I want to have power over others? It is no use to me, as I would destroy personalities I like. No Harmony is the inbred core value I live by, and I need it like liveblood. Apart from that forcing myself on others, I would miss different views, which could enhance my own life.

– Open-Minded and Flexible
Do I mind rules? Actually not, if they are well founded and thought through … making sense if you wish. What I hate on the other hand, are rules for rules sake. Different approaches to the same topic are as valid, as dissenting opinions. I can very well live with those, if these spheres can coexsist. Different opinion are good and welcome, as long as they do not act destructive and claim to be the only truth exsisting.

-Very Creative
I don’t know really. I do have my moments, but I would call myself “very creative”. Seeing the results of other people in shared fields, usually leaves the impression with me, that I am a gifted amateur and nothing more.

– Passionate and Energetic
Is that a Strenght? In a way surely, since once I commit myself to and idea, i will follow it to the bitter end and try to achieve the best result I can think of. On the other hand this can be very draining, if I do not keep that passion in check

– Dedicated and Hard-Working
HAHAHAHA! Thats a good one 😉 Just kidding. There used to be times, when I accumulated several hundred hours of overtime each year, but those times are over. I have switched places, my family grew, and I have other fields to care for. But still I am not willing to invest myself in the tasks at hand, and do my share to the success of the team. Knowing what I am doing is indeed very important to me and I need a context to the bigger picture, to be happy with what I am doing.

And now … The Weaknesses

– Too Idealistic
In a way I surely am, giving too many chances, trusting beyond what a person deserves, usually ending up disappointed one time or the other. It is a learning curve of course, but probably the toughest one, as it mean coping with one of my core priciples fundamentally shattered.

– Too Altruistic
Is that really a weakness? Seeing the persons I care happy, is one of the things I crave most. When They are happy, I will have a wonderful time mas well. This can sometimes be a challenge in many aspects, but the results are usually worth it.

– Impractical
I hope not too much. While I indeed sometimes forget to eat and drink when I am really after something, I hope that I am not too washed away by things, so that I will still be able to do what is necessary, at least a little 😉

– Dislike dealing with Data
This is the only point were I really have to disagree. I need data. Running off into a random direction without proper data is something I strongly dislike. I need to know at least the general direction where things are heading, before setting sail myself.

– Take Things Personally
This is a lot truer, then I would like to admit. I strongly dislike conflict, especially if it is not open for results, but already decided and only used to exert power. And once this conflict it done, I usually evaluate myself and see how to find a common ground and eliminate the cause for that conflict.

– Difficult to Get to Know
Sorry 😦 I really like to meet people, and like to enjoy my time with them. Having gone through some rather disappointing experiences (and that is a nice description for it), I tend to let others do the first step (not fair I know) and rarely have the heart to do it myself. Yet still I think it might be worth it … so do not hesitate 😉

For those who rather have a look at the past two challenges which I skipped, feel free to look them up under the following links: Animal Challenge, Winter Challenge






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