Congratulations LL you messed it up … again!


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When I was making my usual round this morning I came by Strawberry’s Blog as well and found a posting about her being hit with a copyright complaint. You can find her full post here.

What happened? As you probably know she has been venturing into Youtube territory lately, using it as another outlet, producing videos to support her written post, or produce tutorials, to help new people finding their way around.

One of these tutorial videos was about to get into Second Life and how to make your first steps there.  Naturally she showed how to register an account, create your first avatar and so on. This video was now flagged given that the website and and Logo are shown.The labs IP manager used the big hammer and brought it down on Berry leaving her to days to remove the video.

When I readall this I could believe my eyes what I was seeing. LL really gave one of their leading evangelists, who recently achieved something LL hasn’t done in a long time, namely getting a very favorable review of SL in a gaming magazine, a whack over the head over their IP? I haven’t watched the tutorial, to be honest, as my last visit to avatar creation is quite a few years in the past already, and I have no intention of creating an alt soon. Yet I know her videos and she has done a lot to promote SL and its content, as well as the dead born Sansar and now this?

I mean I understand why a company wants to protect their IP from misuse, but if I could hardly imagine someone doing that it would be Berry. Banning her video once again showed how badly and unfit LL actually is to maintain such a company, and if it wasn’t for us horribly loyal users, they would be nothing more then a side note in the history of failed projects. SL can use any positive coverage it can get, and an introduction on how to properly use it on the leading video site worldwide is something they should favorable on. It is not that Berry wiped her butt with the logo or something.

I have never met Berry in person (well maybe one day who knows), but from what I get, she is a person that could be trusted with using the IP for her promotion, as she is getting a crowd, which now in turn will brew up another shitstorm probably … so enjoy your meal. Another thing which wonders me, is that Youtube so quickly reacted, as (at least in my eyes) the video should be covered under Fair Use … or is it not? I am not a lawyer (thankfully) but I always thought that this was what Fair Use was intended for. And lets face it. The people like us, who have 10 years plus experience in using SL have found their way, but the clunky interface and unclear instructions are still the major stumbling stone of getting new users, and making them stay.

I really hope for Berry, that things can be worked out, and that she hasn’t deleted the video and only put it to private, so nobody in public can see it. That way she could return it once this idiotic business is worked out and still have a prominent placing with Youtube. If not … yay for LL once more, as it would be a new video not getting that much coverage as the old one. I really wonder why LL seems to hate its users, and resorts to such totally stupid solutions. Wouldn’t it have been enough to ask Berry, to put copyright notices in the Video description?

In any case … congratulations LL … you fucked up once again … and proved once again, that you do not learn from past mistakes, have no interest on getting favorable coverage and have no interest in your residents remaining loyal and paying customers. And while SL still has a unique standing, it can happen anytime that serious competition might show up at some points, and guess how many of us will mourn you?

Once again … congratulations … you have fulfilled all our expectations yet again!



3 thoughts on “Congratulations LL you messed it up … again!

  1. Maybe … they do not want positive feedback because they are embarrassed of the success of their product after all these years … how can they launch Sansar if the old Second Life is keeping it in the shadows? Very embarrassing indeed …


    1. I am not speculating what has ridden them. But it is probably the usual mismanagement we had the joy to experience through all those years.
      Yes they apologized but the damage was already done with Berry deleting the video and losing the rating for it. I just wish for once, that they would some common sense and make a sane decision before coming out of their closets.


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