#SecondLifeChallenge – Unspoken Rules in Second Life


Location: On the beach snuggling in my basket

Soundtrack of the Minute: Fünf Sterne Deluxe – Willst du mit mir gehn?

No worries I am not dead and I haven’t dropped blogging, but the past weeks saw me ill to a certain degree (actually far more then I would have liked), and so I didn’t get in the swing of things really. But now I am back and I thought why not pick up again with Berry’s current Challenge 😉

This week she challenged us with Unspoken Rules in Second Life. And yes there are quite some in my eyes, and some people really need them clubbed in their delicate heads with a baseball bat. So let us see what kind of unspoken rules I have up the sleeve (some might be a bit adult ;)). For the full rules, and her answers to them, see Strawberry’s post on the Challenge. I will post 5 rules as well (even though I can think of various others, but i will keep it short ;)).

Do not jump on furniture unasked and do not start running intimate animations

Jumping onto the same furniture with a person in itself without being asked is just rude. Highjacking the Poseball Menu and starting intimate animation is an absolute no go. Nobody likes creeps doing that


Do not have your weapon at attention all the time

It is sad, that this has to be said in 2017 still. Nobody wants to see your perma erection, especially not if you are sporting some 2006 oldschool freebie wiener. And yes this goes also for areas where nudity is encouraged.


Consent is nothing that is granted automatically or by a certain dresscode

Just because I am in a nude area, or have my slutty dress day, it doesn’t mean, that I am available for everyone to be used, as their imagination tells them. Just as a hint … those are real people … not rubber dolls.


Give  people space, even in a public place, and do not invade their conversation unasked

It is just rude, to invade other people’s  conversations unasked. Make yourself noticed and asked if you may participate. Show some common decency. When approaching the people do not crawl over them, it is just a nono once again.


Keep your gestures for yourself

Who has ever said that the massive and repetitive use of gestures is a desirable behavior? It is not … it kills the atmosphere, it disrupts conversations and everybody older then a year has probably seen most of them anyway. So go to some third rate club and spam your gestures there.


6 thoughts on “#SecondLifeChallenge – Unspoken Rules in Second Life

  1. Actually Strawberry got an excellent idea with this challenge: we should group all these rules together and send them to Linden Labs as they can share this with all the new-comers. Our Second Life would be so great!


  2. 5 Sterne Deluxe! Whoa, how did you find that not very well known band from my original home town Hamburg/Germany? Didn’t know they stil made music in this millenium. As with most Hamburg hiphop bands, they are on the silly/funny/”sexy” side of the spectrum and used to amuse me when I was a youngling.

    About Berry’s Challenge: I let this one slip since I don’t accept or make any rules and only live by my own rather strict set of what I allow myself. As good and logical as your rules are, Silky, if ppl need to be told these rules they are not worthy my time and I don’t deal with them in the first place.
    Some stranger jumping on my sofa while i sit in it? See his @$$ kicked home! Buh bye …


  3. Maybe because I am married to a Hamburger Jung and live here now since 2004 and have explored quite a bit of the rich local music scene 😉
    Yes Hamburgs style was always my preferred style of Hip Hop with Heidelberg as a close second. At the moment it actually sees a lot of reunions with the Beginner being back after 13 years, 5 Sterne Deluxe touring again and now everyone is waiting for Dendeman to finally get his behind moving as well 😉
    There are some tendencies for wannabe gangster style rap these days as well by groups like the 187 Strassenbande … which leaves me totally cold.

    Totally. It is sad that this place is out more then a decade and a good deal of people still do not know how to properly behave. Yet my hope is, that not all are lost causes and just need a little guidance 😉 In any other case …. feel my boot so deep in your ass that it tickles in your throat and do not waste my time 😉
    I passed on the last two challenges as well, as they weren’t really interesting me as well. So I guess I will make up my own one today ;D


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