Second Life Challenges: My 7 SL Facts


I have always been quite open minded to Blog Challenges, but never was actively looking for them. I read some of Strawberrie’s Monday Meme, but picking them while they were ages old didn’t seem to match the purpose 😉
Now she has returned to the blogging game calling it SL Challenges instead of Monday Memes and so I guess it is time for me to pick up the stick and pass it on.

So here is the first Second Life Challenge: My 7 SL Facts

The goal of this challenge is to share 7 random facts about my Second Life with you that might be interesting to know. If you want to see Strawberry Singh’s 7 facts look here.

Fact #1:
I am completely lost in my inventory. I can spend hours looking for lost stuff, which I have probably deleted at some other occasion already.

Fact #2:
I am very attached to my avatar’s looks. Even though I change it now and then, once I do it becomes rather static for the time being, only switching clothes, make up and hairstyles.

Fact #3:
Even though I participate in adult activities rather often, and lead a rather promiscuous lifestyle in that matter, I am not really choosing my partners at random or out of a certain kink. Usually I know all of them for a longer time, getting a grip of their character first. There are some exception I know … but they are rare, you can count them off on one hands thumbs 😉

Fact #4:
This is not my first avatar. I have seen the grid for the first time in 2007 and retired in 2011 completely. After my hiatus, I reactivated this old avatar again for some time, but was so entangled in bad memories and a chaotic system layer clothes inventory, that I just deleted it and started over new.

Fact #5:
I used to have an ebony avatar on my old account as well. I modelled her to the liking of the character Y.T. from the Snow Crash novel … some facets of her survived until today.

Fact #6:
I am a horrible role player. I have tried my share of various settings, and various appearances in them, but always ended up being myself in various dress ups.

Fact #7:
I am torturing myself with the choice of my meshes. Instead of going for the obvious mainstream of Catwa/Maitreya setups I have first used a Slink and now a Belleza body (Freya). Head of choice has been Logo (pre Bento) or Lelutka (post Bento).
I like when people are creative with their avatars and break out of the standard SL pattern, or modify it in an unexpected way. This always catches my attention 😉


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